PAN – Mono No Aware Album Review

An album that almost understands you, like an old friend


 February 23, 2017


How much do we known about human nature? A perpetually changing matter, that remains immutable. Yet it’s still difficult to fully understand this bittersweet feeling that we experience in a fleeting moment of transcendent beauty. The Japanese word that perfectly embraces this concept is “Aware”.

Mono no Aware is the title of the new album pieced together by the German label PAN. When “Fr3sh” by Kareem Lofty began I didn’t know what I was about to experience, I felt like when Swann eating a madeleine suddenly remembered about a lost memory. This album is like that, nostalgic and ephemeral. The 16 tracks that guide us through this life journey are something we should definitely handle carefully.

This Ambient mix of Sound Collage, Drone, Musique concrète and Progressive Electronic is beautifully blended together by melancholic noises and voices. Therefore its composition leaves us nothing but an exquisite taste of mystery. The album flows tying each track to another like they belonged together. It never stops; it’s a journey that gives you chills, as if a gust of Libeccio had just entered the room. Yves Tumor with “Limerance”, Ayya with “Second Mistake” and “Held” by Malibu really stroked into my heart, thanks to the tender, intimate and minimalistic surrounding that they provide us.

An album that almost understands you, like an old friend visiting after a long time that will soon have to leave again. However this does not affect our perception of it, a soft candidate felling that brushes against our trembling skin, pouring petals in a pocket of clouds under a thunderstorm.


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