Recovery Girl – Recovery Girl Review

Recovery Girl is the latest adventure by American producer Galen Tipton and even though we’ve loved and followed their steps for a while now around here -and in our Electronic avantgardeposting group- this might be their most accomplished work up to now. An incredibly solid and straightforward EP with countless memorable poppy moments wrapped up in the weirdest and noisiest way possible. Great bass, amazing rhythmic sections and crazy pop melodies all over the place are matched with incredibly extravagant vocal melodies and are able to hit the listener with their pure emotional adrenaline.

Even though the extraordinary vocals are what really stands out at first its the whole package that makes this release really special. The effects on every single element of all tracks make the whole experience extremely overwhelming in the best possible sense and give the whole release an extremely personal and unique touch.

Every track hits hard in its own way, from the highly intimate and touching moments off tracks like “That Girl Is My World (You Transphobic Piece of S**t)” to the violent and adrenaline-fueled riffs from “Lets Go Bitch” there is no rest for the whole eighteen minutes of the release; the only real shame is not to have more than double the amount of tracks. Weird, psycho bubblegum pop has never been so cool and even though the genre seems to be more saturated than ever Recovery Girl is able to stand out amazingly thanks to their ability to express their bold and loud personality through elegant excess.

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