TNGHT – II Review

In 2012, Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, two – at that time – relatively unknown electronic producers, joined forces to release TNGHT, their first EP from the homonymous project, laying the foundations for what would become one of the trap-EDM cornerstones, mixing southern hip-hop and brostep.
Then, one year later, at the peak of their success, the duo announced going on hiatus to focus on solo projects.

After all these years, TNGHT returns in a totally different musical landscape since the break, bringing back their old sounds with some new additions with their new work II.

The first two songs, “Serpent” and “Dollaz” are the closest things to their first album: hard-hitting sub-bass, 808 drums and heavy use of vocal samples and excessive drops, “First Body” brings all these elements in a reggaeton-esque progression, “Club Finger”, with its pounding kicks and the neon synths, is the most rave track on the ep. The second half has a lot of interesting moments like the climax built in “Im In a Hole”, the bouncy and plastic, SOPHIE-oriented synths of “What_It_Is” and “Gimme Summn”.

In the end, II is a good follow up to the first TNGHT work, adding some new shades to their body of work that made them famous.

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