W00dy – My Diary Review

W00DY My Diary album cover

The cover of W00dy’s latest release, My Diary, depicts an assortment of odd objects placed on mutated, shimmering ground. The token-like objects are familiar (a skeleton? stuffed animal? mirror?) yet wholly alien, uncanny both in their texture and their form. The musical objects W00dy uses to construct the four insane tracks on this release are similar –recognizable but mutated to a freakish extent.

The album’s core elements (jungle breaks, footwork rhythms, gabber kicks, etc.) are more or less the same ones used on her previous release, 2018’s exhilarating Relentless Kickdrum. But this time she assembles these recognizable club tools to create dizzying, accelerated swarms choked with wandering polyrhythms. Each track is a hardcore dance colossus built from a teetering stack of pointillistic hits and hisses, piling up and spilling over themselves. The effect is disorienting, harsh, but oddly joyful as well.

There is a sense of exuberance and liberation at work in W00dy’s diaristic scrawls. As challenging as My Diary can be, its also uniquely generous and fun in the most freeing sense. Its clear that this music is made for people to lose themselves to; W00dy clears a space for people to be acted upon by some great, absurd force. The album’s title may seem ironic but My Diary, despite its force and cacophony, does have a warmth and openness that few experimental dance records could claim.

While plenty of dance weirdoes have repurposed the vocabulary of club music for their own use, W00dy’s freakishly exciting dance hybrids stand in a realm of their own. I hope you have the chance to put this album on at an intense volume and flail madly along to it.

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