Wake up in the cosmos – De Rerum Natura Album Review


Self - Released

 February 16, 2017


De Rerum Natura is the new LP by Wake up in the Cosmos, the solo project of the italian musician Franceco Bigazzi. Although the title is a clear recall to the past, you will find few references to roman poets and maybe more to the alternative rock of the last decades: the guitar layers and the rhythm sessions leave little space to the lyrics, which ride the base in few concise verses. Bigazzi manages to find unity of sound while providing the listener with a wide range of images along all the album, never giving up experimentation. No pop structure of the song or catchy chorus, just a taste for vintage and the charm of homemade lo-fi: that’s the strength of this record!

The psychedelic attitude, which is shown in the intro track, is diluted in songs such as “To Become Your” and “Sensual Crime”, whose wall of sound finds their foundations in the shoegaze violence of the first My Bloody Valentine’s EPs.

The cutting edge, by the way, comes for last, as the post-punk riffs and rhythms of “Fields” result in a dream pop feeling that makes you regret not to have more tracks like that in the album.

The challenge this tape faces is to deal with wise references with energy and amusement, without giving up to nostalgia and revivalism. The clock doesn’t go backwards, but, sometimes, brushing up on some old tape of the good ones can be of great inspiration: Wake un in the Cosmos did it, and we certainly like it!

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