ZULI – Swag Lee Is Dead Review

On the 3rd of February egyptian producer ZULI wrote on social media: “Just found a bunch of poorly mixed demos for this Egyptian Trap mixtap I was supposed to put out around a year ago before my shit was stolen and I lost – all and any optimism for the scene – but also the project files for these beats… should I upload them somewhere?” After a positive survey on Instagram, ZULI decided to upload these lo-fi trap instrumentals on Bandcamp, simply as demos sent to rappers before they could even record on it.

Despite these unfavorable circumstances, through these thirteen beats you can appreciate ZULI’s hip-hop alias Swag Lee‘  attitude towards rap music, already explicated in his majestic album Terminal, and taste the flavour of peripherical and little known Egyptian rap scene, which has seen unprecedented growth over last years. Some of the beats are lounge and soft, even with flashes of IDM, but most of the tape is obviously made of dark and anxious beats where the atmosphere and the melodic lines make you taste the flavour of trap music reinvented in another world. The only human elements are some autotuned guide vocals, while the only sample is from a M.E.S.H.’ remix for Hyph11E.

The non finito vibe makes you feel as you were in the studio with ZULI waiting for some cool rappers like Abyusif to spit on the beats, and after this tasting we can’t wait to hear more, hoping that ZULI didn’t kill Swag Lee forever.


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