Soul Feeder Mix 04 – Ramirexx

SF mix 04 cover

Alessandro Gentili is an Italian DJ and producer. This year he released a debut EP under his moniker Ramirexx called “Disarma”. Alessandro follows different projects in which he experiments noise, techno and breakcore sounds looking for the right path to express himself. His mixes for Noisey Italia, Jerome Worldwide, Echo As, Murk and Perron Zes have been around a lot and found an incredible success.

There isn’t a proper concept behind this mix but it rather features some of Alessandro’s most important tracks spacing from hip hop and grime to hardcore and techno. For example, the mix features a track by his friend Giulia Guizzardi called “After the third Herzog documentary in less than a week” or the live version of “JimmyBreeze” by cLOUDDEAD which he considers better than the studio one. Check the tracklist below.

SF.04  Tracklist:

user2222 – image w Florentino – Mamasota
The Teknoist – Bass Ball Hat
Duel Masters OST – Temple
Divoli Svere – Kitty Kat w Ulwhednar – Cardinal Red
RIZZLA – TWITCH?QUEEN (quest?onmarc bootleg)
Keepsakes – Mind Your Manners Munted Millenial
Lewi B – Greeze
Lou feat. Sara and Lina Guichard – Feu x5
Frode Gjerstad & Steve Hubback – Track 5
Giulia Guizzardi – After the third Herzog documentary in less than a week
cLOUDDEAD – JimmyBreeze (live)
Ship Sket – Exit Wound
Robert Armani – Ghost
Craig Xen – Wassup Vro
ZillaKami x SosMula – Kids Cuisine
Ramirexx – Apator RXX Powerviolence Smash
The Speed Freak – DJ Fuck

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