Top 25 Tracks of 2017

17. Kendrick Lamar – DNA.

A straight forward banger able to catch your attention 100% from the very first second only to leave you completely breathless and shocked on its midway unbelievable change of pace.

16. Malibu – Held

“Life hits me hard again”. Static and impressive like staring at a mighty waterfall alone in a dark forest. Nothing seems real, everything is blurred and distant but magnetically present. It’s impossible not to be moved by such an amazing piece of art.

15. Tyler, The Creator – Boredom

Even though he still acts as an immature kid for most of the time, Tyler, The Creator has definitely grown a lot since his angsty straight forward debut tracks. He had already showed us his great improvement and maturity on other of his following albums and tracks but none of them were ever so well produced and accomplished.

14. Danny L Harle – 1UL

One of the hottest pop bangers we’ve heard this year, in perfect PC Music spirit. Catchy melody, simple but powerful female vocals and thrilling synths driven by Danny L Harle’s mastery.

13. Björk – Arisen My Senses

It was terribly hard to chose the best song from Björk’s latest album but Arisen My Senses convinced us the most in the end. An extremely energetic and chaotic song able to electrify even the most cold and distant listener. Arca’s hand is immediately recognisable and we can definitely say this is surely one of the best works he’s ever been able to give birth as a producer.

12. v1984 – beauty // IT5INYR – H3D

What v1984 was able to create on this song is so beautiful, dramatic and original it will definitely change your day if you’re ready to listen carefully. “beauty // IT5INYR – H3D” is an extraordinary piece of art of striking power combining elements from pop, ambient and noise music.

11. Kamasi Washington – Knowledge

Kamasi is undeniably the top dog of the current jazz scene. With his incredible work on The Epic he will forever have a place in the history of modern jazz music and he is now back with an amazing new EP of finally more accessible tunes like Knowledge, able to make his work understandable and enjoyable even for jazz beginners.

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