Top 25 Tracks of 2017

 10. Drake – Passionfruit

Can we please all get over the cliché that mainstream music is always bad? Passionfruit by Drake works as the perfect example where this is plainly not true. In an age where most of the best producers more likely appear on some of the most commercial and radio-friendly records around,  the number of great tunes in the mainstream nowadays has raised impressively. The work by Nana Rogues on this track is extremely catchy and comes out both simple and memorable at the same time.

9. Lorenzo Senni – The Shape Of Trance To Come

Lorenzo Senni is definitely one of the most respected artists of the current European electronic scene and the freshness his tunes has brought to Trance music is simply amazing, especially considering the difficulties the genre has found in trying to evolve during the last decade. The Shape Of Trance To Come works as a manifesto of Lorenzo’s work and is the perfect starting point for whoever isn’t yet familiar with his amazing productions.

8. Sampha – Blood On Me

When one of the most recognisable collaborators in the world of R & B and Hip Hop finally announced his longly awaited solo record the horde of sceptics seemed to strongly outnumber the crowd of sustainers. But as soon as this banger came out all of the doubts on Sampha‘s true talent were reasonably blown away forever.

7. Mount Eerie – Ravens

The fact that the last literature Nobel prize was assigned to Bob Dylan underlined once again how the boundaries between music, poetry and literature can sometimes be extremely fragile. This song is one of those examples were the three things collide and mix together most amazingly, blending together beauty and sadness into one of the most touching tracks we’ve ever heard.

6. Charli XCX – Out of My Head

The very first taste from one of the best pop albums of the year, born from the great collaboration with SOPHIE, one of our favorite producers out there. A. G. Cook from PC Music is the other main mastermind behind the track and his touch together with Charli’s amazing ability of always finding incredibly catchy melodies is one of the distinct characters that make this banger irresistible.

5. Yves Tumor – Limerence

A wonderfully repetitive and reassuring track that sounds like a testament to a forever lost love that will always live only inside this recording. Yves Tumor’s incredible ability to deliver emotions through simple and minimal patterns isn’t anything new but what he’s been able to do on this track goes beyond his usual phenomenal output and is able to stand out inside of an album that will be remembered as an ambient masterpiece of our time.

4. M.E.S.H. – Search. Reveal.

Claustrophobic is one word for this one, but don’t be scared. What you’ll find into M.E.S.H.’s deep and obscure well is a chaotic landscape of overloaded noise that will certainly frighten you at first, but will change you and your perception forever. This dark and narrow tunnel isn’t so bad if what you’re looking for are strong emotions.

3. Fever Ray – Mustn’t Hurry

One of the most powerful songs off one of the most interesting records of the year. All sounds on the track have the strongest of characters. From the beautiful opening “flutesque” melody to the crazy and out of control synths that follow. Karin starts her journey on this song from an amazingly soft and gentle soothing place in her mind developing into a wild and uncontrolled exotic chant that will hardly get out of your head. Useless to say how special her vocal performance on this track is.

2. Kelela – Take Me Apart

The production of this song is simply amazing. What at a first listen might sound like a straight forward alternative R & B track is instead an incredibly layered and complex work of art made by feedbacks, swirls of sound and amazingly vibrant synths. The whole thing is stunningly kept together by Kelela’s sensual and incredibly emotional vocal delivery able to skilfully guide the vibe of the track through its ups and downs.

1. Vince Staples – Yeah Right

Choosing the number one song for our selection was the hardest task we’ve had doing this list. The songs that could have topped the chart were many but no one really seemed to summarise all of our different music tastes as good as “Yeah Right” by Vince Staples. Its punching bass and its great production together with SOPHIE’s magic touch and Kendrick Lamar’s amazing featuring made the perfect fit. The future and present of what we consider the best current trends condensed in one amazing track.


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